Scania USA

Scania USA

Scania U.S.A. Inc. is a subsidiary of the 130-year-old Scania A.B. and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marine and industrial engines, trucks and buses. In 2020, Scania delivered 11,000 marine and industrial engines, 5,200 buses, as well as 66,900 trucks to their customers. Net sales totaled nearly $14.37 billion, of which over 20% were services-related. Founded in 1891, Scania now operates in more than 100 countries and employs some 50,000 people. Research and development are concentrated in Sweden. Production takes place in Europe and Latin America with regional production centers in Africa, Asia and Eurasia.

Together with partners and customers, Scania is driving a shift toward a sustainable transport system by offering a EPA Tier 3 solution to meet all requirements without the use of after treatment. Scania engines are also suited for hybrid and diesel electric installations because of its high power-to-weight ratio.

Scania offers a complete marine engine concept to meet the toughest demands of reliability, performance and operating economy. The Scania marine platform is comprised of the powerful 16-liter V8 and the robust 13-liter inline engines. The 16-liter V8 engine ranges from 300 - 1,150 hp for propulsion applications, and 430 - 596 kW for auxiliary applications. The 13-liter engine ranges from 250 - 925 hp for propulsion applications, and 269 – 426 kW for auxiliary applications. Scania also offers a robust, IMO Tier II, 9-liter engine for continuous and intermittent applications. The 9-liter ranges from 220-400 hp for propulsion, and 199 kW - 323 kW for auxiliary applications. Engines ratings vary by emissions level. Scania’s latest announcement, the availability of its new powerful and lightweight range of engines – fully emissions certifi ed for the U.S. pleasure craft market. A robust line-up commanded by a 900 HP, six-cylinder, 13-liter in-line and an 1,150 HP 16-liter V8. Scania engines are all based on Scania’s state-of-the-art modular engine platform, which is used for marine, industrial, power generation, truck and bus applications worldwide. This unique concept with common components enables higher availability, more cost-effi cient production, simplifi ed service and maintenance, and effi cient training.

Of note, Spindletop, the largest all aluminum pilot boat built in the US., features QUAD Scania DI16 082M engines, producing 800 HP at 2,100 rpm each. Additionally, WindServe Marine’s Jones Act crew transfer vessel WindServe Odyssey is equipped with QUAD 800 hp DI16 V8 engines, demonstrating Scania’s engine lineup are suited for wind farm service vessels, and offering the fl exibility of Tier 3 in multiple continuous and intermittent ratings.

Scania USA recently appointed Laborde Products as the new marine distributor for the Gulf Coast and Inland Waterways Region.