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  • David Clark Company

    David Clark Company has more than two decades of experience providing wired, wireless and digital boat crew headset communication systems. The fi rm’s noise-attenuating headset systems are used worldwide in a variety of critical communication applications by civil and government personnel in the marine, aerospace, aviation, fi re/ rescue and industrial markets

  • FarSounder

    This year marks two decades that FarSounder has been dedicated to developing its unique 3D forward looking sonar technology (3D FLS). Back in 2001 the fi rm’s founders saw a need for a solution to answer the question, “What is in front of my vessel underwater right now?”


    Compatible with any vessel, engine, or fuel in any location in the world, the FUELTRAX smart fuel management system is designed to reduce onboard fuel consumption costs, emissions and set the standard for secure, compliant and optimized vessel performance.

  • Furuno

    Furuno has been at the vanguard of marine technology since its inception in 1948, when the company commercialized the world’s fi rst fi sh fi nder. With service centers and authorized distributors worldwide, Furuno continues its role as a leader in marine electronics with the innovation of new technologies


    gplink provides remote monitoring, tracking and diagnostic solutions that enable owners and operators to remain connected to their fl eets remotely.

  • Intellian Technologies

    Founded in 2004, Intellian Technologies is one of the world’s top providers of satellite antennas and terminals, with a mission to empower connectivity for the world.

  • Phoenix Lighting

    Phoenix Lighting has a rich history dating back over 127 years in the city of Milwaukee. Since 1892, it has thrived in a number of different industries, and today is a trusted authority for tugboats, workboats, ferries, dredges, military service vessels, research vessels and barges that need reliable, sustainable lighting.

  • Rose Point Navigation Systems

    Rose Point Navigation Systems was founded in 2003 by an ex-Microsoft software development manager with a passion for boating and creating software, and today the Redmond, Wash.-based company is a leading provider of reliable, easy-to-use navigation solutions for professional mariners and recreational boaters.

  • Sea Machines

    Michael Johnson is the founder and CEO of Sea Machines, a company that is helping to fast track the age of autonomy in the maritime space. “Technology is not something new for our space,” Johnson said, “be it from the lumbering packet ships to heavily canvassed clippers then back to the lumbering, smoking, yet consistent steamers and then on and on. Now it’s digital sensing, deep processing and the shift of manual operation to the autonomous.”

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