• ABS

    ABS is one of the world’s largest classifi cation societies, with thousands of employees worldwide driven by a mission to promote the security of life and property and preserve the natural environment. A founding member of IACS, the organization serves both the global marine and offshore sectors.

  • Advanced Mechanical Enterprises

    Advanced Mechanical Enterprises (AME) is a machinery and mechanical services company that specializes in vibration diagnostics and precision alignment of propulsion systems using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures.

  • The American Equity Underwriters

    The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. is the program administrator of the American Longshore Mutual Association Ltd., a group self-insurance fund authorized by the U.S. Department of Labor to provide USL&H coverage for the liabilities of its members under the United States Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

  • Baxter Marine Group

    A newcomer to the maritime industry is looking to make waves. Baxter Marine Group was founded in 2021 by the leadership team that revolutionized maintenance, inventory, and compliance software in the aviation industry.

  • Creative Systems, Inc.

    Creative Systems is the originator of GHS, the wellknown PC-based simulator of vessels in fl uids and fl uids in vessels. GHS is a software system for the design and evaluation of all types of ships and fl oating structures.

  • Fincantieri Marine Systems

    Fincantieri Marine Systems North America (FMSNA) are expert technicians and maintainers of maritime systems, such as propulsion, power generation and related condition-based monitoring systems.

  • HydroComp

    HydroComp, Inc. in Durham, N.H. was established in 1984 to provide engineering tools to develop ships, boats, and other marine vehicles – and their propellers – more effi ciently and responsibly.


    JAX LNG is North America’s fi rst small-scale coastal liquefi ed natural gas (LNG) facility, located along the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Fla., with both on-road and marine-loading capabilities servicing the marine, rail, drilling, mining, trucking, power generation, aerospace and industrial markets.

  • Lloyd’s Register

    With $1 billion in turnover and 7,100 employees globally, classifi cation society Lloyd’s Register is on a mission to grow. Earlier this summer it tapped Kevin Humphreys to lead its Americas business, which includes 30 offi ces in 14 countries, 571 employees and about $60 million in annual revenue.

  • MOPS Marine License Insurance

    MOPS Marine License Insurance, based in Long Beach, N.Y., has been protecting the USCG licenses, livelihoods and professional reputations of mariners across America since 1935. MOPS provides its policyholders with defense of their USCG-issued licenses following a covered marine casualty.

  • Water Quality Insurance Syndicate

    In 1971, the Water Quality Insurance Syndicate (WQIS) was established by 27 American marine insurers as a specialist pollution facility to insure vessel pollution risks and to address liabilities imposed by the United States through the Water Quality Improvement.

Source Marine News Services